I found my fulfillment as an artist in abstract painting.

More in accordance with my personality, abstraction allowed me to give free rein to my creativity, my sensitivity, my spontaneity, to express my inner being.

Art is, for me, souce of emotions and it is these emotions that I want to share.

The colored harmonies, the fades of colors where plays of shadows and lights mingle, punctuated by colored spots sometimes entering into dissonance, have become my guiding threads.

The main theme of my works often represents abstract landscapes that I would describe as "atmospheric" because of their hushed, watery atmosphere, which emerge from this unconscious part, far from the figurative representation, while leaving the imagination to attach to them. All my works are unique and non-reproducible.

I invite you, through this gallery, to travel and let yourself be carried away in a polychrome reverie in worlds sometimes terrestrial, sometimes aerial or aquatic, and why not... Heavenly!


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